Tony Gunnarsson

Senior Principal Analyst, TV, Video & Advertising

Tony Gunnarsson is a senior principal analyst at Omdia. A senior member of Omdia’s TV & Video team, Tony’s expertise is the premium online video streaming market, covering everything from Netflix and Disney+ to iTunes and Pluto.TV.

Responsible for Omdia’s forecasting of pay-TV and telco bundling of third-party SVOD, Tony is developing next-gen analysis of online video aggregation and the impact it is having on TV viewing habits across global markets. Tony’s current research also focuses on the transformation of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+ and other major destination SVOD services from pure pay into ad-supported hybrid services.

Tony is an authority on global trends in TV, Video and Advertising, and he is a frequent speaker at industry events and in the media.

Tony joined Informa in 2014 as an analyst in the Ovum TV practice, heading up Ovum's global OTT video research and forecasting. Prior to joining Ovum, Tony was a senior analyst at IHS Media (formerly Screen Digest), where he covered Home Entertainment, focusing on the transition from physical formats to online platforms.