Newcomer: Booster Shot for Kids’ Content in APAC

“The world now has changed,” Paul Robinson, Managing Director of Kartoon Channel! Worldwide, noted, setting the premise of an in-depth session that comprised perception and revelation, from an industry veteran with titan notches on his belt.

He brings to his current role, heavy-duty experiences as former MD of Walt Disney Television International and senior VP of Disney Channel Worldwide, now overseeing the growth of Global Kartoon Channel!, Genius Brands’ newly-launched, subscription-based, children’s video streaming service, with a twist of exclusive metaversal content.

Paul stated that he continues to believe in linear TV for the region, amidst the unceasing excitement over OTT, apps, and access on various devices. His first foray into APAC comes with the launch of the channel on Samsung TV Plus in Australia, which started on March 23.

Paul also commented on the aspect of original productions, which will be streamed exclusively via Genius Brands. The necessity of channels like the Kartoon Channel! offers options to parents who have difficulties deciding on a safe environment for their kids.

Victoria de Kerdrel, APAC Consultant at K7 Media had a great conversation with Paul Robinson, Managing Director of Kartoon Channel! Worldwide at ATF’s Plugged-In Series 2022 on kids’ content.

Kartoon Channel!’s offerings are described as being educational with woven elements of science, tech and finance management for kids, which seems to be a trending theme.

Paul’s vision is aggressive, as he hopes to have presence in all markets, and is currently in talks with Free Ad Supported TV (FAST) providers. He gave the timeline of 18 months for the Kartoon Channel! to take root in most Southeast Asian markets.

With this expansion, Paul is keen to work with local content providers. Coming in possibly via co-production or a straightforward acquisition, Paul will be favouring local flavour, content-wise, but ones that work or connect with kids across the region.

Elaborating, Paul noted that 2—3 originals per year with about 52 episodes would be something he would like to consider as a start. What will catch Paul’s attention will be content that offers original storytelling and design that is unusual/different.

With that, Paul is eager to get going and is looking forward to seeing what the region has to offer.


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