What Kind Of Drama Plots Are Perennial Successes In China? How Many New Concepts Have Succeeded?

Ideation, noted Guo Jing Yu of G.H.Y Culture & Media, is the foundation of any film. Regardless if it’s an adaptation, or an original pitch, Guo highlighted that a well written script will convey the tone of the film, offer a detailed rundown of the characters, and story structure/plots, and set the pace of the narrative.

As well, genre should be conveyed well.

Guo feels that despite the difficulty in answering this question of success, the above it at least a start; the basic factors to a successful film. Of course, it goes without saying, getting the acknowledgment of the audience is an obvious gauge of accomplishment too.


Guo Jing Yu  |  郭靖宇
Award winning Creative Director  |  获奖创意总监
Chairman  |  主席
G.H.Y Culture & Media (Singapore) Pte Ltd  |  建信文化传媒

“I think that regardless of historical or modern films, stories that persuade good emotions, value and empathy from the audience will in turn build a long-lasting impression and favourability,” Guo remarked.

“Up to this point, there is absolutely no secret or shortcuts to achieving definite success for any production,” Guo declared, noting that all he has said are simply his opinion, based on his experiences.

In recent years, China’s Film & Television industry has witnessed many changes; there are new concepts and creative productions, but, according to Guo, there aren’t many that have achieved success or good enough results. “G.H.Y Culture & Media is also trying to produce more interactive films, but it has not been yielding much so far,” Guo admitted.

Guo also noted that short dramas are normally well received, garnering a large audience base, and have gotten plenty of positive feedback from industry professionals.

With the upward trend in short dramas, it’s another direction G.H.Y Culture & Media is working towards as well. Along with the shortened timeframe, Guo stated that the storyline will have to leave something to the imagination, say more with less, drop hints that allude to a backstory, boost characterization, and convey the message well. In short, all the basic requirements of a good storyline.

Finally, for such approach, climax must be fast paced as well.


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