Through the Eyes of Iqiyi

A chat with Chen Xiao (Vice President, iQIYI)

Chen Xiao
Vice President

As the inaugural ATF Chinese pitching competition –Mystic Asia – rounds into the final leg before deadline this August, iNSiGHTS magazine chats with the final onstage judge from one of China’s most successful platforms, iQIYI.

iNSiGHTS magazine: China has become the land of opportunity. In the M&E world, do you think there is bountiful potential and prospects today?
Chen Xiao: Sure, China has a large population and yet the digital revolution is still booming. In addition, the market itself embraces challenges and chances often.

iNSiGHTS magazine: iQIYI has been a pioneer in the area of big data and its usage for guaranteeing success in what and where you invest in. Linked to this year’s Mystic Asia (ATF Chinese Pitch), how is the genre of Myths and Legends performing on iQIYI’s platform and in China in general?
Chen Xiao: It is one of the hottest drama topics in China.

iNSiGHTS magazine: Based on your experience, you must have seen it all. Are there moments when you are still taken by fresh ideas and stories?
Chen Xiao: It seems people figure out new ideas and stories all the time, and it’s our nature and enthusiasm.

iNSiGHTS magazine: What has been the most difficult task you have had to deal with in content management for iQIYI?
Chen Xiao: I think it’s the balance of cost and quality.

iNSiGHTS magazine: What would be the areas that Asia is lacking at the moment? Are there any?
Chen Xiao: Sci-fi I think.

iNSiGHTS magazine: What areas of content is iQIYI looking to grow/expand in the coming 3 years?
Chen Xiao: Self-produced high quality content.

iNSiGHTS magazine: Can you say what have been sure successes for iQIYI?
Chen Xiao: Well, we stick to our Strategy and focus on execution.

iNSiGHTS magazine: Will Asian content surpass Western content in today’s demand from viewers?
Chen Xiao: Sort of, sure. We need to look deep into our culture and find its glamour.

iNSiGHTS magazine: How important is language in this industry?
Chen Xiao: It’s so important, well I think language is not only text, it contains complex emotion and hidden tradition in it; it is an essential part of the content.

iNSiGHTS magazine: What is your preference: dubbing or subtitles?
Chen Xiao: Subtitles

iNSiGHTS magazine: As someone so entrenched in this industry, what has so far been your favourite content to date?
Chen Xiao: Too much! For the Drama, “BigBang” maybe. For the Varity show, I think it’s “The Rap of China” an iQiyi Production.

Chen Xiao will be at ATF 2018 as one of the on-stage judges for Mystic AsiaEnter now and catch him there!