Guo Jingyu: Inspiration at the Heart & Soul of his Culture

A judge at the ATF Chinese Pitch 2019

Guo Jingyu
Group CEO
G.H.Y. Culture & Media

The months ahead for Guo Jingyu, Group CEO of G.H.Y. Culture & Media, who is also an award-winning creative director, is set to be demanding ones as he takes on chock-a-block projects across China and the Southeast Asian region.

The second half of 2019 alone will see Beijing Satellite TV broadcast Guo’s Chinese martial arts drama, "Huo Yuanjia"; another scheduled broadcast of Guo’s drama series adaptation of one of Gu Long’s famous novels, “Jue Dai Shuang Jiao”; Zhejiang Satellite TV and Oriental TV’s broadcast of the legendary anti-war drama, "Brave Heart 2"; and of course, "The Little Nyonya", a drama series about the legendary women of Nanyang (Southeast Asia), is planned for transmission at the end of 2019 or early 2020.

However, his mission is one that goes beyond mere passion; there is an undertow of obligation almost, as if his gift of ingenuity itself harks back to gratitude. This drives Guo in his continued efforts to seek talents in film and television dramas in Singapore and Malaysia, and establish a local talent system for the future Southeast Asian market.

Source of Strength

Guo’s vision of “inheritance and revival of traditional culture” is inspiring. Indeed, there are incredible stories across Southeast Asia that has shaped the region, transforming cultures and giving birth to new ones. One of the many threads that run through this expanse arises from legacies across China. Guo finds his potency here.

“My work is greatly influenced by the Chinese culture, its myths, legends and day-to-day experiences,” Guo enlightens. “Such cultural foundation is the root and soul of a nation; the power of culture is enduring.

“My work is also influenced by my own life experiences; things around me. Such creative expansion is ingrained, therefore, I strongly advocate that for one to write and learn to tell a good story, one must first find the essence or core of one’s own culture, and then open your eyes, and experience life.”

For Guo, works produced this way are able to bear the tides of time. Evergreen, it is this need to return to self-identity within the Chinese heritage that allows Guo to integrate and re-shape to survive and prosper.

And fortune led Guo to Southeast Asia, a region he describes as “attractive and interesting”. This has continued to be a location of plenty, as he shoots “The Little Nyonya” and other movies. This, in addition to the collaboration with the Malaysia and Singapore governments in nurturing local talents, and promoting talent exchange between Malaysia/Singapore and China.

“Yet, I am just one of many Chinese who are embarking on this exchange of expertise, providing locals an opportunity to hone their skills and spread what they have learnt within their own country,” Guo clarified.

New Era of Talent

While the literature on millennials have been unique at best, Guo has every appreciation for the youth of today.

“It has always been a pleasure working with younger writers. In them, I see more passion and life than one can imagine. In fact, we have a group of young writers in our company, steering me to set up an industry association for youths in the realm of Chinese TV drama production, with a purpose to recruit more young writers.

"I see huge potential in them. With guidance and resources, we can fully maximize their potential and grow the industry,” Guo expounded

Looking Forward to the ATF Chinese Pitch

“It was wonderful being a judge at the inaugural ATF Chinese Pitch in 2018, where I met with many creative scriptwriters. I look forward to seeing more localized works (reflecting one’s culture), as well as scripts that one can connect to and resonates with,” Guo concluded.