A Format that Bonds Generations

At the ATF Formats Pitch 2019: Sera Films on stage with a pitch and a dream

“Get Rekt” is a TV formats project conceptualized by Turkey-based production company, Sera Films, which came in as one of the Top 5 at the ATF Formats Pitch last year. It is an example that once again proves how “A Great Idea Can Come From Anywhere”.

Idil is the Producer, and an avid gamer himself. Struck by an inspiration based on his own daily life, he came up with the idea of a social experiment to bond the old and new generations together.

“Get Rekt” is an eSports reality competition program, where senior competitors who were born little too early for the whole eSports phenomenon – and therefore never “gamed” – strive to become eSports players, coached intensively by professional trainers from the younger generation for a consecutive period of 12 weeks.

While Abdullah Terzioğlu – the one who is spearheading this project – understands that eSports fans would not be the usual viewers who watch TV, he thinks that this format is the perfect way to attract both the youths and seniors to sit in front of “one” screen, cajoling the discovery and understanding of each other’s worlds.

ATF probed further to find out more about the reason behind why an established company like Sera Films – being one of the oldest independent production companies in Turkey, specializing in producing TV Formats since 1988 – would be attracted to take part in such a competition.

“We believe the ATF Formats Pitch is one of the most carefully organized pitches in the industry. The professional approach at every stage of the pitching rounds confirmed this! As one of the finalists of the ATF Formats Pitch, we were able to receive feedback from members of the jury, which was beneficial to future developments of the project. 

“Get Rekt”: Genius from a normal existence

“Overall, it was a great opportunity to promote the project, meet and get acquainted with various producers, broadcasters, and distributors from different countries,” said Abdullah.

Abdullah disclosed that it is currently in the process of assessing the financial requirements of the project. In addition, he is open to co-development deals and is currently negotiating options for various territories.

Abdullah encourages future participants to examine their projects from various angles and in all aspect as much as possible to be able to succeed.


No matter who you are, or where you are in Asia, just know, a great idea can come from anywhere.

So take that step and send us your great idea for a reality/game show!

The ATF Formats Pitch 2020 is open for submissions @ https://bit.ly/2Z8hjos