Latin Spirit in Asia

Caracol’s continued focus on Asia

Maria Estrella
Senior Sales Executive for Asia
Caracol TV Internacional


With the onslaught of Korean dramas over the years, Caracol TV Internacional, the international signal of Colombia's Caracol TV that offers general programming aimed at Colombians abroad, mostly consisting of old Caracol TV soap operas, series, and entertainment shows, have admitted an evolution in the world of telenovelas and fiction formats in general.

“Globalization and new consumption habits of audiences” have been major factors, according to Maria Estrella, Senior Sales Executive for Asia. “We continue exploring innovative stories. In this process, dramas like The Queen of Flow, with a powerful musical dose, have shown how our stories emerge from local themes, to speak a universal language, having a great demand in the international market.”

One of Caracol TV Internacional’s top selling territories in Asia is Southeast Asia. “Here, we are known for our dramas, and also maintaining a wide offer including entertainment formats, movies, documentaries and super series.

“Asia is a very important market for us; we have been impressively welcomed as our productions have confirmed its great potential with their outstanding performance among the Asian audience,” Maria continued.

In terms of new approaches, Caracol Internacional has to create and position original entertainment franchises, such as Caracol Internacional’s “The Challenge” and “On Another Level”, which have been successfully adapted in several territories to date.

“Now, we are releasing a new format, ‘The Agency’, and ‘The Fashion Battle’, in which we condense all our know-how producing international brands,” concluded Maria.