A Zee-llion Forms of Success

Adding progress with the Global Content Hub by Zee

Sunita Uchil
Chief Business Officer
International Ad Sales, Global Syndication & Co- Productions
Zee Entertainment Enterprises


While the world is looking to go into India, Zee has expanded outside India quite a bit. It’s commitment to grow beyond Indian borders saw its Chief Business Officer of International Ad Sales, Global Syndication & Co- Productions, Sunita Uchil, re-locate to the Middle East a couple of years ago.

However, the company’s growth yonder is neither recent nor minor.

“Our expansion outside India started way back in 1994, from thereon until now, we operate on 39 international channels with 17 offices worldwide. We connect with 1.3+ billion viewers and always strive to create rich and engaging content for our audiences.

“We not only cater to Indian audiences, but also local audiences. We want to reach out to more audiences via various platforms, by licensing our originals, formats and remakes and look forward to partnering in co-productions and co-developments,” Sunita expressed.

Global Content Hub by Zee is a platform which showcases all the Indian content the company produces. It also showcases various International language programs that have been produced by its channels worldwide.

Thus, Zee has a large library of content in Arabic, English, Mandarin and French, having also made their mark in blue chip docs such as The Life of Earth from Space and other factual programs like Spirit of India.

Zee, however, is known worldwide for its premium dramas. “Our storytelling and production values are of calibre and travel the world very well,” said Sunita. “While we have the strength of our dramas, we also have a strong line up of lifestyle and kids programming.”

And to support digital growth, the company’s movies and short series has been curated in line with such expansions.

Of course, India will never be left aside. The country’s diversity in itself offers regions within that is positioned so uniquely and differently from one another that the audience continues to seek entertainment across varied genres.

Dynamic, ready to experiment, traditional and yet modern, the need for content has exploded across all mediums; be it TV, the internet, games, theatre, live events, sports, you name it and there is a need to improvise, to offer something new all the time.

For Sunita, it is a fantastic kaleidoscope where there is opportunity for both the consumer, as well as the creator.

“Overall, we will continue to reflect on the impact we have on Indian content while continuing to produce premium value content for the international consumer.”