3 – 6 December 2024
TUE, The ATF Leaders Dialogue | WED–FRI, Market & Conference | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Shamin Yusof

SKOP Productions

Shamin Yusof is a highly accomplished producer in the Malaysian film industry with a proven track record of success. Over the course of 9 years, she has produced numerous award-winning films and premium series that have captured the hearts of audiences in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei. 

One of her most notable achievements was producing the first Malaysian original premium series for IFLIX titled, KL GANGSTER UNDERWORLD. She also produced MUNAFIK, the first Malaysian film that successfully broke into the Indonesian market. These two titles were widely acclaimed by critics and audiences alike and went on to win various awards.

She was instrumental in bringing these projects to life, from securing funding, overseeing the script development, assembling talented cast and crew to producing the production and postproduction of these films. 

In addition to that, Shamin managed the distribution of “MAT KILAU”, the highest grossing film in Malaysia that collected RM 98 million and became a local sensation in 2022. She has also been involved in a number of other successful projects that have helped to elevate the profile of the Malaysian film industry on the international stage by producing the first Malaysian original series for DISNEY+ called, SPECIAL FORCE: ANARCHY. 

Shamin Yusof’s passion for filmmaking is evident in the high-quality productions and stories that she has brought to audiences over the years. She is also managing Skop Productions, continuing the legacy of her father, Datuk Yusof Haslam, a company that has been active producing films since 1987. 

Today, Shamin Yusof remains committed to producing films that not only entertain, but also inspire and educate audiences. She is always hoping to contribute more to the industry and making the necessary changes to help shape and define Malaysian cinema for generations to come.