Justin Deimen

108 Media

With an appetite for uncertainty and a capacity for self-direction as well as uniquely grasping the entire media equation as both a hands-on builder and corporate leader - Justin DEIMEN is one of the few global-minded producers and T-shaped creative entrepreneurs who has established high-growth media businesses while executing major international projects & cross-cultural (co)productions across all genres/formats in every major territory. He's often the focal point of complex/matrix teams with a track record of closing deals across multiple forms of capital via credit/debt financing, private equity & venture funding.

Through his commercial insights and deep experience in the industry, and being the nexus between the corporate and indie creative worlds, he builds scalable & meaningful partnerships across the entire ecosystem in Film/TV, Branded Activation, Media-Tech, Adsales, Gaming, Events, Licensing, Distribution, IP Development, Fundraising and M&A.

In a varied career of being a creative exec, journalist, media strategist, screenwriter, producer, and financier, he's held roles in ONE Championship, Hyde Park Intl, VH1, Fox Searchlight, The Village Voice, the Intl Film Fest Rotterdam, and structured alternative asset funds with private banks as well as being accredited with the Intl Federation of Film Critics.