3 – 6 December 2024
TUE, The ATF Leaders Dialogue | WED–FRI, Market & Conference | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Jeremy Sim 

Innovation Director

Absorbed by society reshaped through climate and cybernetics, Jeremy Sim is the Singapore-based innovation director of impact investor Mistletoe, with a US$2.5bn portfolio that includes orbital debris remover Astroscale, bioprinter FrontierBio, AI decarbonisation developer Xinterra and autonomous drone network Zipline. He sits on two of Temasek Foundation's climate innovation committees in 2023 and convened the innovation partnership between Mistletoe and Singapore infrastructure builder JTC in 2018—2022. 

He was previously lead administrator of the EU/ERDF innovation network in north Europe. He held audit and risk consulting roles in Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Berlin, Chicago, and Hanoi, including overing bibliobibuli, Jeremy enjoys team sports performance, Gandharan sculpture, Grothendieck toposes and the saxophone. His favourite reads include Armstrong, Bach Bostrum, Tegmark and most recently Kotkin, who asks — what makes you a beneficial force and why are your formulations in nationalism scalable for a rules-based global order?