Haeseon Park 

Head of Production
Something Special

Haeseon Park is a 9-year producer based in South Korea with a couple of co-productions under her belt and experience producing content across genres and channels. 

In 2018, she produced the “Donal's Asian Adventure” series as a producer and was in charge of funding in Korea and overall project management between Korea and the UK. She is now Head of Production at Something Special, where she focuses on selecting and producing projects from Korean creators and bringing them to the global market. At Something Special, she produced the pilot program “Still Alive” in 2021, which has been optioned to Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland due to the uniqueness of the format and its ideas. 

Since starting her career with a passion for formats, she has continued to expand her understanding of the format market. Through various experiences such as co-producing TV programs, creating digital contents, managing branded content, and running a YouTube channel, she has been working to develop the qualities of a successful producer in this rapidly changing era. Currently, she is actively seeking various collaboration opportunities in the global market to find great ideas, attract various forms of production investment, and create successful formats.