Fumie Suzuki Lancaster (ランカスター 文江)

Director of International Sales & Marketing & Producer
SC Films International Ltd. 

Fumie is a graduate of Rikkyo University (Tokyo) in International Law.

Fumie joined GAGA, one of the most successful independent distribution companies in Japan in 2003. She was in charge of Acquisitions and Marketing for European Films. In her role as a film buyer, she was responsible for finding high quality arthouse films for the Japanese market, working on more than 40 films such as Oscar-winning film ‘March of the Penguin’, ‘Downfall’, BBC documentary ‘Earth’, ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ and more. As a result, she gained expertise in worldwide and Japanese current markets.

Fumie moved to London in May 2007 and joined SC Films International. Fumie is now responsible for all non-English speaking International Sales and Acquisitions, recently Executive-Produced ‘GENSAN PUNCH’ directed by Cannes-award winning director Brillante Mendoza and licensed the Worldwide Rights to HBO as HBO Asia Original film. Another of Fumie’s notable acquisitions was ‘MONKEY KING: HERO IS BACK’ the No.1 Chinese animated film of all time with a $156million Box Office in China.

Fumie’s expertise is in co-production projects between Europe and Asia in both live-action films and animations. She also has the role of Producer on several upcoming films such as Brillante Mendoza’s new project ‘CHAMELEON’ (Philippines-Japan), a WW2 creature horror ‘ORANG IKAN’ (Singapore-Indonesia-Japan-UK) and a stop-motion animation ‘WHEN THE STARS ALIGN’ (Japan) which are all currently in Production.