3 – 6 December 2024
TUE, The ATF Leaders Dialogue | WED–FRI, Market & Conference | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

David Webster 

AI CREATE & The Carrot Collective

David Webster is a distinguished creative and commercial business leader with over two decades of experience propelling top global brands such as Nike, Netflix, and Samsung to the forefront of innovation.

As a founder, advisor, and investor based in Singapore, David has consistently been at the cutting edge of technology and creativity. 

His work at AI CREATE embodies his commitment to harnessing artificial intelligence in shaping the future of creativity, rooted in his belief that creative industries must lead the conversation, steering the outcomes rather than just adapting to them.  

His leadership at The Carrot Collective and contributions to ventures like RepubliK.gg highlight his dedication to advancing creative industries through technology, positioning him as an influential voice in this space and an essential contributor to any dialogue on AI's role in film and beyond.