Ari Arijitsatien

True CJ Creations Co. Ltd

Ari is currently the CEO of True CJ Creations Co. Ltd. She started out at True Visions Group Plc, looking at Business Alliance & Partnership for the Executive Vice Chairman Office; Head of CP Group Synergy, Content & Media Group at True Visions; Head of Business Development & Marketing at True CJ; and Head of Content Productions at True4U, True Visions.

Ari is responsible for the founding of True CJ Creations Co. Ltd—leading the end-to-end setup of new the JV company with Asia’s top content studio. She also led the synergy between CP and True group to optimize and commercialize for Content & Media BUs thru sponsorship, licensing, and production. Ari was the Project Manager for debuting Thai idol "Natthew" with CJ E&M, Thai idol Sara AF3 with “iME” Chinese-Korean-Thai girl group with EE-Media (China), DoReMi Music Publishing (Korea), and True Fantasia (Thailand). 

She has a Masters Degree in Business Management from Mahidol University.