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  • Building a Global Video Content Ecosystem: Driving the video industry development

    04 12月 2018, 10:00 - 10:20, Level 4, Roselle Ballroom

    Huawei is a top global ICT company and smart phone producer. Under the big video strategy, Huawei is targeting to build a content ecosystem to enable Huawei car...

    • 语言: English

  • The New Buyers

    04 12月 2018, 10:25 - 10:50, Level 4, Roselle Ballroom

    Content strategy in the new digital ecosystem involves non-traditional players who are showing us how to colour out of the box. Tapping from an already existing...

    • 语言: English

  • Digital China: Growing and Internationalizing the Chinese Content Market

    04 12月 2018, 10:55 - 11:20, Level 4, Roselle Ballroom

    At a time when China’s online streaming of filmed entertainment content is at an all-time high, iQIYI is a market leader in giving the people what they want. Ju...

    • 语言: English

  • Market Leaders: Managing Change in a Dynamic Market

    04 12月 2018, 11:25 - 11:50, Level 4, Roselle Ballroom

    The Big Boys of Entertainment are distracted by massive market re-alignment, especially in the US. This provides a window for the global Tech Cos and regional p...

    • 语言: English


    04 12月 2018, 12:30 - 17:00, Level 4, Peony 4512

    The Convergence of Big Data, AI and Storytelling: a QED Changemaker Series’ is an exclusive closed-door and by invitation only senior leadership dialogue under ...

    • 语言: English

  • Commissioning for the New, Worldwide Streaming Service

    04 12月 2018, 14:00 - 14:25, Level 4, Roselle Ballroom

    Key insights from an industry veteran on commissioning and curating factual content for global factual fans of all ages. This Keynote session will include revel...

    • 语言: English

  • Draw of the Docs

    04 12月 2018, 14:25 - 14:50, Level 4, Roselle Ballroom

    Looking at the increasing relevance of prudent content heavy on knowledge, this session discusses how documentaries are now moving into the limelight of neutral...

    • 语言: English

  • Country of Focus: Philippines at the Crossroads

    04 12月 2018, 14:50 - 15:15, Level 4, Roselle Ballroom

    On new platforms, buying more and what’s next on the landscape in the Philippines. The panel will focus valued insights and visions of top Filipino media and en...

    • 语言: English

  • Live Sports: Transcending the Traditional

    04 12月 2018, 15:15 - 15:40, Level 4, Roselle Ballroom

    Live Sports has been that light at the end of many a dark tunnel, transcending traditional core audience. Amazon and Facebook are likely to become major players...

    • 语言: English

  • Digital China: In Conversation with Industry Giants

    04 12月 2018, 16:05 - 16:30, Level 4, Roselle Ballroom

    A look at China’s arena of filmed entertainment content production and distribution. How is China working with global partners to bring co-productions to China?...

    • 语言: English

  • Capturing and Connecting to Millennial & Gen-Z Audiences

    04 12月 2018, 16:30 - 16:55, Level 4, Roselle Ballroom

    This keynote will focus on the power of the content created by digital natives around short form content that are curated and packaged worldwide.  The focus wou...

    • 语言: English

  • Content Distribution: The Next Five Years

    04 12月 2018, 16:55 - 17:15, Level 4, Roselle Ballroom

    This session proceeds the previous keynote, and looks at the evolving changes brought on by AVOD, SVOD, OTT, mobile MVPDs etc, and how this will all work over t...

    • 语言: English

  • From Amazon to Apple: The Uncanny Content Crusade

    04 12月 2018, 17:15 - 17:35, Level 4, Roselle Ballroom

    Key insights on local production and new platforms from the likes of Apple TV, Netflix, HOOQ and more from today’s next legion of platforms in the world of medi...

    • 语言: English

  • At the Forefront of Entertainment Content

    04 12月 2018, 17:35 - 18:00, Level 4, Roselle Ballroom


    • 语言: English


    04 12月 2018, 18:00 - 20:00, ArtScience Museum


    • 语言: English

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