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  • "WhyFly" animated series

    Company:   Jadera Holdings LTD.

    Why Fly animated series Technology: 2D TA: 3-7 First season: 50 episodes Episode length: 4 minutes These educational, kind and funny animated se...

  • "WhyFly" animated series - Season 1 (50...

    Company:   Jadera Holdings LTD.

    Our cartoon is interesting and useful for children! Parents constantly hear a huge amount of «why’s» from their children, but they can’t always answ...


    Company:   Lukarn

    Booth no.: 
    • F10

    Naval forts stand watch along the French coast like guardians of the seas from an ancient time. For nearly two centuries, architects and military engi...


    Company:   Lukarn

    Booth no.: 
    • F10

    60’ – Fall 2020 – 4K A complete new approach with a journey to the heart of an ancient "Motion Designed" City. Today, new archaeological excavations...

  • (4K)Sapporo Snow Festival 2019

    Company:   The Sapporo Television Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.

    Booth no.: 
    • B10-30

    Everybody dreams to go to Sapporo snow festival. Its great snow statues, romantic night strolling, great tastes of dishes... Sapporo is so much attrac...

  • (4K)Soratabi 3000km-coastline of...

    Company:   The Sapporo Television Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.

    Booth no.: 
    • B10-30

    This program is recorded by 3000km length of the coastline in Hokkaido. Only by watching the coastline, we can find the undiscovered fantastic scenery...

  • 10 Things We Should do before We Breake...

    Company:   SPI Interntional BV

    10 THings WE Should Do Before WE Break Up (2019) is sweet romantic comedy about Abigail, a single mom of two, becomes pregnant following a one-night s...

  • 100 Sights of Ancient Cities


    Booth no.: 
    • B10-9

    Japan is an Asian island nation. A culture developed here different from that of continental Asia. This is a program handing down to next generation t...

  • 100% Wolf - Legend of the Moonstone

    Company:   Studio 100 Media GmbH

    Booth no.: 
    • C29

    Freddy Lupin, heir to a proud family line of werewolves, was in shock when on his 13th birthday his first “warfing” went awry, turning him into a fero...

  • 128 Circle

    Company:   Weiyu Films Pte Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • E08/ H08

    A decades-old food centre, beloved by Singaporeans, faces closure, while the lives of the hawkers, as well as their families, are challenged by the ti...

  • 14 - Celebration of Love

    Company:   Blue River Pictures Pte Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • E08-H08

    Pilot episode: '14 - Celebration of Love' is a romantic-comedy drama that follows the lives of Singaporeans from different walks of life who are deali...

  • 2049

    Company:   Greener Grass Production Co., Ltd.

    Booth no.: 
    • D10

  • 29th Seoul Music Awards

    Company:   King Content Co.,Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • H10

    The Best Music Award in Korea! It has been 29 years since it started at first. All popular K-pop stars come together (BTS, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, Momo...

  • 36

    Company:   GAUMONT

    Booth no.: 
    • H25

    Paris. For several months an incredibly violent gang has been successfully holding up armored bank vans. The Chief of Police has been frank with the l...

  • 360 icefjord in Greenland

    Company:   Antares International Media

    Booth no.: 
    • E08/H08

    Join us to Ilulisaat icefjord, one of the northernmost UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is a massive collection of icebergs! The combination of a huge ice...

  • 40-year Record of Three-North Shelter...

    Company:   Phoenix Satellite Television Company Limited

    Booth no.: 
    • G24

    40-year Record of Three-North Shelter Forest Programme (Chinese 5 x 30' HD, 2019) The Three-North Shelter Forest Programme, which was initiated in 19...

  • 44 Cats

    44 Cats is a 52 x 13’ sumptuous CGI comedy series that follows the daily adventures of Lampo, Milady, Pilou, and Polpetta; all of them are part of a m...

  • 49 Days in the Clouds

    Company:   Asia Digital Media Co., Ltd.

    Booth no.: 
    • D10

    With the Central Mountain range in Taiwan as a focal point, we embark on an exploration of the area's secrets, deep in the range, in search of ancient...

  • 500 years of music at Chambord Castle

    500 years of music at Chambord Castle: In 2019 one of the most emblematic monuments in France celebrates: Chambord Castle looks back on 500 years of c...



    Booth no.: 
    • F30

    62nd ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS® - CBS Genre:Music It’s all about the music on “Music’s Biggest Night®” – the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards®, the world’s most ...

  • 6x7

    Company:   Thinkplate Pte Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • E08/H08

    6x7, is a story about one man's life when he suddenly finds himself sacked from his high paying job and how he finds himself stuck as an undertaker, a...

  • 76 Horror Bookstore "Tin of Fear"


    Booth no.: 
    • D10

    “76 Horror Bookstore” Season 1 : Tin of Fear The first season of 76 Horror Bookstore is composed and adapted by four unique, well-spread spine-tinglin...

  • A Chef's footsteps 5days in Niigata


    Booth no.: 
    • B10-15

    The French restaurant “Uozen” in Niigata countryside is a popular restaurant that is fully booked for a month. But there is no menu in the store. This...

  • A craft that eventually shapes the...

    Company:   Okayama Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

    Booth no.: 
    • B10-6

    Nishi Awakura Village is a small village north of Okayama Prefecture with a population of about 1,500 people.This village once thrived on forestry, bu...

  • A Date with Lu Yu: Andy Lau (Chinese...

    Company:   Phoenix Satellite Television Company Limited

    Booth no.: 
    • G24

    A Date with Lu Yu: Andy Lau (Chinese 60’ HD, 2019) Superstar Andy Lau has made achievements that are almost insurmountable. Setting his fame aside, A...

  • A door to Hokkaido still unseen

    Company:   The Sapporo Television Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.

    Booth no.: 
    • B10-30

    There is a scenery only in Hokkaido, so we want to go to see. There is something we don’t know yet, so we can enjoy new surprises. Let's encounter wit...

  • A Miracle


    Booth no.: 
    • F-12

    An elit pediatric unit turns upside down when a strange new resident joins the team. Ali has autism with savant syndrome, making it hard for him to ...

  • A Portrait of Tokai

    Company:   Japan Digital Serve Corporation

    Booth no.: 
    • B10-31

    The regional video library program featuring art, culture, custom and industry which have been cultivated in Tokai area throughout history. This ser...

  • A Shoe Addict's Christmas

    In "A Shoe Addict's Christmas", as Christmas approaches, a department store worker (Candace Cameron Bure) whose life lacks fulfillment, meets her guar...

  • A sister’s Jeju Trip

    Company:   9colors

    Booth no.: 
    • G32

    Island representing South Korea Beautiful Jeju. Friendslike Jeju. We didn't know Jeju~' The scenery of Jeju that we passed easily because we were fa...

  • A Taste to Remember(菜頭梗的滋味)

    Yu-liang's family was once a politically-powerful family in Zhanghua County, Taiwan. His father Si-tiao Hong was nicknamed "Emperor of Erlin," because...

  • Aafat

    Company:   MX Player

    Aafat is the story about five women who happen to be the ideal suit for an arranged marriage and are in a bid to become the “Perfect Bride”.

  • Abandoned Places

    Company:   haciyatmaz film

    Booth no.: 
    • N08

    When the idea of exploring and filming abandoned places came up, it was amazing and shocking at the same time; because there are so many places with d...

  • Abandoned Places

    Company:   Blue Media

    Booth no.: 
    • N08

  • Abomama

    It’s often said that God helps those who help themselves and in the new drama series, Abomama, we will see four religious women take it upon themselve...

  • Above Justice

    Company:   Globo TV

    Booth no.: 
    • J32

    Strong drama series in 16 episodes.


    Company:   Planet Nemo by Ankama

    Booth no.: 
    • F10


  • Academy of Magic

    Company:   GOLD VALLEY FILMS

    Aura is no ordinary orphan—she is gifted with magical abilities.One day, a mysterious creature leads her to Montrose, a magic academy for children wit...

  • Aerial Mountains

    Company:   Mountain TV

    Booth no.: 
    • G32

    Korea, with its 5000 year long history, has always respected the mountainous landscape. The foundation for a nation was built surrounding the mountain...

  • Aerover, Return of the Space Drones

    Company:   AK Entertainment

    Booth no.: 
    • H10

    Aerover, Return of the Space Drones 3D+2D Animation (UHD) | 52x11' | KR (EN) The World's First Drone Sports Animation! Shawn, always dreaming of beco...

  • After The Stars

    Company:   WaWa Pictures Pte Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • E08-H08

    "After The Stars" A captivating series about the inner workings of a highly competitive media industry, including juicy gossips, backstabbing stor...

  • Agent Hamilton

    Company:   Beta Film GmbH

    Booth no.: 
    • K25

    In the wake of a series of bombings and cyberattacks in Stockholm, the Swedish Secret Service SÄPO is struggling to find the organization responsible ...

  • Alice

    Company:   Worldwide right corp

  • Alien CG

    This is the story of two aliens who invaded Earth. They have a mission to collect valuable things and give to the boss. But, the problem is they don't...

  • All Is Well

    Company:   Mediacorp Pte Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • G10

    A power struggle ensues across the border while an insidious plot for revenge begins. As the wheel of revenge starts, a group of seemingly innocent yo...

  • All Rise

    Company:   Warner Bros. International Television Distribution

    Booth no.: 
    • Suite 5101

    ALL RISE is a drama that pulls back the curtain on the court system and shows the chaotic, hopeful and sometimes absurd lives of dedicated judges and ...

  • All Round Duddies

    All Round Duddies is about Mcdull and his duddies' adventure.

  • Almost Family

    Company:   NBC Universal

    From Annie Weisman (Desperate Housewives, Suburgatory) and Jason Katims (Parenthood, Friday Night Lights), this drama follows Julia Bechley (Brittany ...

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