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  • I am Mongni

    Company:   ARTPQ Co., Ltd.

    Booth no.: 
    • J19

    Mongni is curious and has a big imagination. So she has many dream for the future. Her first dream is a superstar! So she practiced singing all day, a...

  • I Love Happiness

    Company:   Xanthus Animation Studio

    Booth no.: 
    • D10

    I Love Happiness is an original 3D animation series. The story is set in the Dashu District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, and tells the everyday life of th...

  • I See You

    Company:   Weiyu Films Pte Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • E08/ H08

    Two polytechnic students, Kai En and Shi Ping, partner each other on a supernatural mission: helping a Grim Reaper, No. 748, capture truant ghosts who...

  • I Spend a Whole Day in Market

    Company:   Public Television Service Foundation

    Booth no.: 
    • D10

    I Spend a Whole Day in Market is not only a program documenting food, but also stories of people and places. Following the footsteps of Professor Afro...

  • I"s

    Company:   SKY PerfecTV! (SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation)

    Booth no.: 
    • B10-10

    • Highly anticipated live action drama of 90’s iconic hit manga which originally ran in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump! (Ten million copies issued) • A...

  • Ibu

    Company:   Papahan Films Pte Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • E08

    When twenty-eight year old Huda Juraimi lost her husband in a car accident, she is left to take care of her teenage step-daughter, Arissa, who has not...

  • Identification

    Company:   GPM ETV LLC

    Booth no.: 
    • J28

    Valeria works as a saleswoman for Bakir Baymatov at the merchandise market. The girl shares a bed with her employer and secretly dates his brother nam...



    Booth no.: 
    • G32

    Show program of all about K-pop music including Idol`s life story.

  • If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even...

    Company:   MAHO FILM CO., LTD.

    Booth no.: 
    • B10-2

    While on a job deep in the forest, Dale - a young, but famed adventurer - comes across a little devil girl who’s almost wasted away. Unable to just le...

  • If Time Flows Back

    Company:   Jetsen Huashi Wangju

    Booth no.: 
    • C10/B14

    Three mid-aged men, Bai Zhiyong, Lan Tianyu and Huang Jiuheng, failed in their marriage at the same time, and all of them got divorced. A trip to Aust...

  • IKKO’s Camp (4K)

    Company:   SKY PerfecTV! (SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation)

    Booth no.: 
    • B10-10

    Back by popular demand, a famous beauty expert and television personality IKKO takes us to experience “Glamping” (“glamorous” + "camping“). A connoiss...

  • IN APP

    Company:   ANYZAC CO., LTD.

    Booth no.: 
    • J10

    Invisible world in your smart phone, 'In-App World‘. Rookie Caps, <Tebbie> and <Cody> have been given the duty to keep this place. However...

  • In the Middle of Nowhere

    Company:   Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation

    Booth no.: 
    • B10-13

    In various regions of Japan, mysterious isolated houses are found somehow hidden alarmingly far away from the nearby town. Who lives there? What made ...

  • In Time With You

    Company:   Beijing Yiding Legend Culture Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • M08

    Pimchanok finds she got early old desease after 30 years old. She bet with her bachelor friend Thanapon: who got marrige before 35 can got 100 thousan...

  • In Time With You

    Company:   Beijing Yiding Legend Culture Co., Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • M08

    In Time With You: Pimchanok, confident, beautiful and fashionable. Her elegence wasn't fade away with time. Thanapon, a supervisor of airline ground ...

  • Inam - The Soul Thieves

    Company:   Blue River Pictures Pte Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • E08-H08

    Pilot episode: Aliens have been living amongst human for many years in disguise. Sent by their King from a distant planet, they are on a special missi...

  • Independence rang Asia

    Company:   YM Media (Multicultural Broadcasting)

    Booth no.: 
    • G32

    This year is the 100th anniversary of the 3.1 Movement. Not only Korea, but other Asian countries were also victims of imperialism, and numerous indep...



    Booth no.: 
    • G32

    The first TV program of introduction of Indie music and Indie singer of Korea.

  • Indo Travelogue

    Company:   Indonesia Entertainment Group (IEG)

    Booth no.: 
    • D19

    Episode : 13 Duration : 30min Synopsis : Indo Travelogue is a tv program that displays a travelling-show concept in various tourist locations in In...

  • Indonesian Authentic Places

    Company:   PT Media Nusantara Citra, Tbk

    Booth no.: 
    • H09

    For most of the times, Indonesia is a magnet for most travelers and adventurers. With more than seventeen thousand islands scattered across over five ...


    Company:   Hakuhodo DY music & pictures Inc.

    Booth no.: 
    • B10-5

    On July 15th, 2043, a revolutionary new virtual reality MMORPG, “Infinite Dendrogram”, takes the world by storm. It features revolutionary systems lik...

  • Innovation Nation: California

    Company:   LGI Media

    California is known for being a hot-house for pioneering tech, but it’s also leading a revolution in other genres - from food to mindfulness to ecolog...

  • Insectibles Season 2 - 52 x 11 minutes

    Company:   One Animation Pte Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • E08-H08

    The Insectibles must discover the location of Zak’s Father if they have any chance of getting back to their usual human size. Meanwhile, they must ret...

  • Inside Suspicion

    Company:   TF1 Studio

    Booth no.: 
    • F10

    Inside Suspicion Alice lives a happy life as a mom, until her world is turned upside down: Thomas, her husband, is suspected of being Antoine Durieux...


    Company:   THEMA

    Booth no.: 
    • J20

    INSIGHT TV is committed to pushing the boundaries of linear and non-linear broadcasting. We are a global factual entertainment channel with a passion ...

  • Inspector CLAW

    They call him Inspector Claw or simply claw, adored by the law-abiding ones but the biggest enemy to the criminals. You commit a crime and be aware th...

  • Invention story

    Company:   Mondotv

    Booth no.: 
    • F32

    Carrot Town was a lowtech community. Then a fluke came along, a free-thinking rabbit named SILAS HOPNER who invented a machine that could turn carrots...

  • Investiture of The Gods

    Company:   Future TV Co., Ltd.

    Booth no.: 
    • M08

    In the late Shang Dynasty, there was a vacancy in the Heavenly World, and demons cohabited with humans. Yang, a mortal teenager, accidentally opens hi...

  • Iron Hero Ganrizer -Tohoku Heroes-

    Company:   Television Iwate Corp.

    Booth no.: 
    • B10-16

    Iron Hero “Ganrizer”, Iwate prefecture’s superhero, fights against evil. Program started in 2011, and in the latest 8th series, “Tohoku Heroes,” Ganri...

  • Itch

    Company:   ABC Commercial

    Booth no.: 
    • L05

    What happens when a source of unimaginable power falls into the hands of a teenage boy? This thrilling action-adventure series follows Itchingham Loft...


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