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  • Fantasy Patrol

    The animated series “Fantasy Patrol” presents the incredible and exciting adventures of four young sorceresses: Helena, Valery, Mary and Snowy. The th...

  • Fantasymphony

    "Fantasymphony": Witness a concert experience of magical dimensions, It opens the door to a wealth of fantasy universes where dragons and dwarfs, tru...


    Company:   Encore Films Pte Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • E08/H08

    An aloof, demanding supermodel turns fat overnight from a Facebook curse, and as she scrambles to lose weight to make it for a big fashion campaign, ...

  • Fates and Furies

    Company:   King Content Co.,Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • H10

    The daughter of a poor shoemaker, Hera! She has a dream to be a famous shoe designer. But because of her father’s death and her sister’s attempted sui...

  • Faust by Charles Gounod

    Company:   GAD

    Booth no.: 
    • F10

    Recorded on October 1st and 4th, 2018 at the Teatro Real (Spain) Libretto by Jules Barbier & Michel Carré with the Symphony Orchestra of Madrid and C...

  • Festivals of the World

    Company:   Silver Wolf International Pte Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • H08/ E08

    There’s more than one reason to celebrate so let’s go on a journey and experience a different side of international cultures through their festivals. ...

  • Field Trip with Curtis Stone


    Booth no.: 
    • E08-H08

    The six-part series follows Curtis and his talented team from Maude as they travel the world seeking inspiration for the regional tasting menus at the...

  • Finding Samuel Lowe

    Company:   The Africa Channel

    Booth no.: 
    • M24

    An Afro-Chinese-Jamaican family seeks their Chinese grandfather who was forever separated from their mother -his 3-year-old half-Chinese, half-Jamaica...

  • Finest Fairy Tales

    Company:   Global Screen

    Booth no.: 
    • G33

    Nominated for the International EMMY® Kids Award 2013 They are among the most famous stories in the world: Grimm's and Andersen's fairy tales. They ha...

  • Fire in the Sky

    Company:   Yle Sales

    Booth no.: 
    • F10

    Fire in the Sky is a high quality documentary film which reveals the latest scientific discoveries on the Northern Lights. The genre of the film is sc...


    Company:   GRAFI2000 PRODUCTIONS

    Booth no.: 
    • N08

    Although they seem to be a typical family they are surely the funniest of all. The Simpson’s kind of humour attracts youngsters and adults. Turkey’s f...

  • Fixer 3

    Company:   WaWa Pictures Pte Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • E08-H08

    "Fixer 3" Highly popular returning series of "Fixer". Fixer is a group of professionals who can hear the weaker voices in the society. In order ...

  • Flack

    It's her job to fix other people's lives, but she is incapable of fixing her own. Robyn ( Anna Paquin is a PR agent, who promotes and protects her cli...

  • Flavor of Life

    Company:   An Jia Entertainment Co., Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • D10

    The audience will follow the steps of our host and travel all around Taiwan. While we hit the road and go deep into the streets in search of the hidde...

  • Flavors of Uttarakhand 52'

    Company:   Harbour Rights Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • L30

    The Indians consider Uttarakhand as the land of the gods where myths were born amidst the giant mountains. This region where the Ganges springs, offer...


    Company:   EPIC MEDIA LLC

    FLINT (4x50') Former soldier Shamanov arrives to a small town to meet his old friend but accidentally finds out that the locals live in fear for thei...


    Company:   THEMA

    Booth no.: 
    • J20

    Flix Snip offers short format, on the go entertainment, for people in today’s busy world. The curated content features premium multilingual short film...

  • Flower Crew : Joseon Marriage Agency

    Company:   JTBC Content Hub

    Booth no.: 
    • H10

    Ma Hun, Joseon’s first-ever marriage profiler; Doh Jun, a playboy and also the lawyer; Goh Young-su, the fashionista. With these three men, the FLOWER...

  • Fly the Jumper


    Booth no.: 
    • D10

    A basketball genius is turning the world around - even he can just play for 10 minutes in every game ! Henghsing High School basketball team failed la...

  • Follow Alana Taiwan

    Company:   Creative Century Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    Booth no.: 
    • D10

    Follow Alana is a series of travel show hosted by Alana Nichols, who was born profoundly deaf but now became a fluent speaking host.

  • FOLLOW ME 11

    Company:   TCAST

    Booth no.: 
    • H10

    Follow me is back with season 11 which is a No. 1 beauty bible for 20's and 30's. Season 11 is divided into 2 chapters within an each episode. Main MC...

  • Follow Me!

    Company:   KSEEK

    Booth no.: 
    • H10

    Talk show through 6 dilemma Quizzes has no correct answer. 8 panels make their own claims for right answer voting. And Real-time voting of all viewers...

  • Food Hunter

    Company:   Asia Digital Media Co., Ltd.

    Booth no.: 
    • D10

    The Michelin Guide has become sacred in the eyes of worldwide food lovers. Each Michelin food experience represents not only pinnacle of the world's c...

  • Food Hunter

    Company:   Asia Digital Media Co., Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • D10

    Food Hunter what hosted by Taiwanese American chef -Jason Wang, who ever makes the Hell's Kitchen- Chef Gordon Ramsay touched by a bowl of Taiwanese s...

  • FOOD Man

    Company:   Windmill Publishing Co.,LTD

    Booth no.: 
    • D10

    FOOD Man leads five supermen to protect Food island’s environment. Each time they will encounter villain Boss Fly, who always damage environment and c...

  • Food Wars

    Company:   Medialink Entertainment Limited

    Booth no.: 
    • C23

    Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma is a Japanese shonen manga series. The series is set mainly at Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute, an elite culinary schoo...

  • football roadmap

    Company:   Future TV Co., Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • C10

    it consists of 20 eps, with the development of modern football, the camera crew travalled to France, Panama, UK, Spain etc to record compelling footb...

  • For Love Or Money

    Company:   GMA Worldwide, Inc.

    Booth no.: 
    • J01

    Will a devoted wife let her fidelity shaken and give in to an indecent proposal if it is the only way to save her husband’s life?

  • Forbidden Paris: Megastructures of the...

    Company:   Harbour Rights Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • L30

    Everyone has heard about Paris and its architectural treasures. But the City of Lights has many secrets yet to be discovered. Indeed, under its paveme...

  • Forensik

    Company:   Weiyu Films Pte Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • E08/ H08

    A crime scene specialist juggles love life and family strife, all while putting her skill and training into solving some of the most heinous crimes in...

  • Fox Tales

    Company:   Chips And Toon Pte Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • E08/H08

    Little fox cub Snow has a magical tail brush that she uses to conjure up all sorts of fun things. Join Snow and her friends as they get into all sorts...

  • FrienZoo

    Company:   Grafizix CO., Ltd.

    Booth no.: 
    • J10

    Common farm animals lose their home and wander around. Hungry and tired, they finally arrive at a zoo and start to live in a petting zoo area. They ar...

  • Frog Prince

    Company:   Beijing Yiding Legend Culture Co., Ltd

    Booth no.: 
    • M08

    Frog Prince: Junior, the CEO to a large hotel chain, is the stereotypical heir - spoiled, coldhearted, and ruthless. He meets Tara, a schemer and some...


    Company:   EPIC MEDIA LLC

    FRONT (8X50') The World War II. The Soviet leadership gets to know that the German concern "Auerge" is developing atomic weapons. In "Auerge" works a...

  • Fun Alliance 3*180

    This amazing story is about Lightning Deer, Thunder Mouse as well as their friends with supernatural power in a big forest. "The Happy Partner "Lightn...

  • Fun on Table

    Company:   Long Turn Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

    Booth no.: 
    • D10

    "Fun on Table" is a children's program of board games competition for children aged 6-12. There are kinds of different missions in each episode. Capta...

  • Fusulina of Remember

    Company:   Chimestone Digital Productions CO., LTD

    Booth no.: 
    • D10

    Everyone is waiting for True Love, but how you hold it when it arrives. If you lost it once, is there any chance to get it back?

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