ATF@Marina Bay Sands is the ATF Opening Day event that will take place at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on 1 December 2021. It is by invitation only.

ATF Online+ is the digital edition of Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF). It will remain online from 1 December 2021 till 30 June 2022.

For the full features of ATF Opening Day@Marina Bay Sands and ATF Online+, speak to our ATF representatives here.

Due to the pandemic restrictions, access to the in-person ATF@Marina Bay Sands is by invitation only.

Yes, you will be able to gain FULL access to ATF Online+ with your ATF@Marina Bay Sands pass.

If you have registered for ATF@Marina Bay Sands, the In-Person event, you will not need to sign up for ATF Online+. 

However, if you are only keen on the digital extension of ATF, the ATF Online+, you will need to submit your registration.

No. Due to the pandemic restrictions, access to the in-person ATF@Marina Bay Sands is by invitation only.


Both passes grant you access to ATF Online+.

ATF Online+ Digital Pass (Individual) allows access to only one attendee per pass.

ATF Online+ Digital Package (Corporate) is a group package that allows access to 3 attendees from the same company.

Please reach out to our ATF representatives for more details.

Online registration for digital edition of ATF, ATF Online+ will start end June.  Thereafter you will be able proceed to sign up for the event. 

For users who did not manage to complete your registration, you would receive an email notifying you of the registration status.  In this email, there would be a link which you can click to return to your initial registration.  Do note that you would need to input the email address that you first used during your registration in order to retrieve your details. 

In the event you still encounter any error, please feel free to reach out to Customer Service.

Each registration page timeout every 30minutes if there is no activity detected. An email with subject title “Incomplete Order For Asia TV Forum& Market (ATF) and ScreenSingapore” will be sent to your inbox.

Please use the same device and do not clear your internet history or cookies in order to ensure all information that have been filled previously will be retained. 

In the email, there is a “Resume Registration” link that will bring you to a page for you to continue your registration journey.

Enter the email address that you had used at the start of your registration, and discount code (if applicable). 

If the page timeout again, please wait for the next “Incomplete Order Email” and click onto the new link to continue.

In the event you still encounter any error, please feel free to reach out to Customer Service.

You may amend your registration on your own from end June 2021 to 22 Oct 2021, 2359 hours, Singapore time. 

Step 1: Standby the “Confirmation Email” that you would have received earlier and take note of the “Reference Number” on the email.

Step 2: Click onto the Registration Button on the Homepage.

Step 3: Arrive at the Registration portal and select “Modify Registration”.

Step 4: Enter the email address that was used to complete your registration.  Refer to the “Confirmation Email” and key in the “Reference Number” as requested.

Videos URL links are required for submission.  Do note that there is no video uploading function. 
The URL submitted for the videos are to be compatible for showcase on either Youtube or Vimeo. 
Please ensure that your video is set to Public/Unlisted and is not region-locked. 

How to retrieve a Youtube URL:

Step 1: Go to Youtube and the specific video that you would like to submit. 

Step 2: Click onto the “Share” button at the bottom right of the video frame. 

Step 3: Choose “Embed” option

Step 4: Copy the URL link Example: https://www.youtube.com/embed/XXXXXXX

Step 5: Place it onto the ATF Online+ registration form field.


It would be easier to finalise and prepare all the video links before you start with the registration, so that you would not be time-pressured or encounter any time-out issues.  

To do so, please contact us at atf@reedexpo.com.sg

You can register online and pay by credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD), PayPal or wire transfer.