9 July 2020


By Lulu M

As part of ATF’s recent webinar series, Malaysia was looked at, as buyers and industry veterans gathered to discuss the market’s own distinct factors of successes, with useful information on specific barriers and caveats, for those looking to navigate the industry.

A notable genre looking at kids’ content appeared to have a much bigger bag of opportunities, which aligned with a large portion of attendees at the session, who were looking to find platforms in Malaysia for their kids’ products.

What is the primary/main genre you are pushing into Malaysia?

Representation of attendee genres in hand at the ATF PLUGGED-iN SERiES 2020 – Malaysian Buyers Speak
Source: ATF

Airin Zainul, Director, IP Animation and Licensing & Merchandising from Media Prima Berhad had many positives in her comments looking at the animation space. She noted the general willingness to consider animation from across the globe, citing Korean, Russian, American, English, as well as Malaysia’s very own animation products that meet standards and do well in the Malaysian market.

Kevin Foo, Manager in the Content Distribution Division of Juita Viden Group reflected similar sentiments, noting that he is constantly buying animation content, citing that those he thinks  does particularly well are action animation, including superheroes with gadgets.

The conversation also gave due focus on crucial factors that can make or break prospects, as Malaysia is still very much a Muslim arena. Content that tend to do well are those that are perceived “safe, with family values”. Further, it was insightful to discover that the governing of content depends on which platform one approaches, with the FTA channels being subjected to stricter censorship, while Pay TV has less so, with diminishing gravity when one reaches the likes of Netflix and Viu.

The conversation also touched on local price tolerance, local partnership processes and local distributor concerns.

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“In the end, it’s about the quality and storyline.

“My biggest challenge is the budgets that come with them; and whether we can recover. My consideration also includes whether the content can generate licensing for toys to grow revenue streams – It is the viability from a commercial standpoint.

“Animation takes time. I welcome all queries, but it takes time.”

Airin Zainul, Director, IP Animation and Licensing & Merchandising, Media Prima Berhad

“Sellers overestimate our market. The reality is different. You can’t expect what Thailand is paying for example. Most of this content is sold in US$, and currency exchange can be painful, so you have to have some level of empathy with currency rates.

“We’re interested in animation and dramas, including K drama, Thai drama, and Chinese drama. We also buy docs: wildlife, sports, travel & food, and also look at variety shows (Korean, Japanese, comedy).”

— Kevin Foo, Manager, Content Distribution Division, Juita Viden Group

“The biggest challenge in acquiring foreign content as a distributor is based on how we want to strategize our business. Buying a content from abroad to generate income together is what we are looking for.

“The content I’m looking for include historical / family values in drama and sports, in particular, soccer (friendlies).”

— Shaun Lee, Director, Teleview Asia Sdn Bhd