What’s New this Season: APAC’s Top 25 Kids’ Brands

“Knowing what brands are being recognized and loved by kids is a good indicator of where brands have invested the most on advertising content to have themselves noticed. This knowledge can help content creators make better decisions on which kids audiences and story would best entertain them, get views and give you the best chances to monetize.

We can see that global toys and entertainment brands have room to spend more to get themselves noticed in APAC. This could be a great opportunity to create content that would match those brands such as Lego, Disney, etc.”

- Quan Nguyen, CEO, TotallyAwesome

In tracking brand awareness among APAC kids, TotallyAwesome found that top recognised brands belong to Drinks and Fast Foods categories.

Since 2015, TotallyAwesome’s APAC Kids’ Digital Insights has tracked brand awareness and spending patterns for 2,154 kids aged 6—14 and their parents across Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and Australia.
The 2017 Insights revealed that 3 out of the top 5 most recognised kids’ brands across the region are “everyday consumables”: Nestle Milo (93%), KFC (88%), McDonalds (84%). 

In the clothing category, sports brands – Adidas (86%) and Nike (80%) – were top of mind. Most popular tech brands are Apple (84%) and Samsung 80%.

Lego (76%) is the number 1 toy brand, followed by Disney (73%), Barbie (62%), Transformers (50%) and Play-Doh (47%). Brands from this category appeared 8th and below in the rankings, which suggest toy brands have the opportunity to increase mindshare among this audience.

Locally: Home Grown Labels Are Still Recognised Among Global Ones

Brand awareness slightly varies between countries and quite often, top lists include local champions. Within the top 5: Mamee in Malaysia, Vinamilk in Vietnam, Pocky in Thailand, Ribena in Singapore, Indomilk in Indonesia, KitKat, Chuckie and Nestle in the Philippines.

However, despite variations across regions, fast food consistently continues to dominate kids brand awareness.

Brand Affinity: Top 10 Favourite Kids Brands

From the list of recognised brands, respondents were asked to select their favourite brand. KFC, McDonald’s and Apple turned out to have the highest affinity, being the most popular choices. Milo (ranked most widely recognised at 93%) ranked 4th in favourite brands, while Hello Kitty, ranked 7th in favourite brands, does not appear in the top 25 most recognised list. 

This suggests that while recognition and affinity are strongly linked, other factors such as the longevity or heritage of brands, such as Hello Kitty can also influence personal affinity by shaping peer usage, and perceptions of quality and identity. These are factors that can assist brand positioning to maximise impact in APAC markets.

Kids Look At Relevance and Quality

Respondents like brands the most because they are relevant and of high quality, therefore it's important this is translated within their advertising message.

TotallyAwesome CEO Quan Nguyen said, “APAC kids appeared to be sensitive to quality and identity. But reach and frequency of brands’ communication are also influential factors for kids to favour brands. This gives brands a real opportunity to tap into regional brand preferences among kids and their parents by boosting advertising spend.

Quan Nguyen 

“Our study’s earlier findings proved kids in most APAC territories have their own money to spend on favourite brands, and have a huge influence on parents’ purchasing decisions. Speaking directly and often to kids about brands will translate to increased market share.” 

APAC’s Top 25 Kids’ Brands

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Introduction & Methodology

Since 2015, TotallyAwesome has conducted its APAC Kids’ Digital Research across a robust representative sample of over 2,154 kids aged 6—14 throughout 7 key APAC markets, namely Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The research provides a comprehensive picture of their media consumption habits, spending patterns and influence on parents’ purchase decision.

Kids were accessed through their parents, who were members of trusted sample provider, Toluna’s local panels. Parents were instructed to let their kids answer the questions on a simplified questionnaire, but to assist them if they needed help on particular questions. 

The sample was drawn from key cities in each market and split by gender and age. 

The survey was in field from 11/10/16 – 31/10/16.

About TotallyAwesome

TotallyAwesome is the largest kids and families safe digital advertising and content platform in Asia-Pacific, reaching over 100 million MAU in the region across desktop, mobile and online video every month.

The company was founded by SuperAwesome and Inspire Ventures in 2015 and is led by a track-record team responsible for some of the top games, advertising and digital content startups in the world. TotallyAwesome is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia.



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