Seizing Opportunities & Paving The Way For Russian Kids’ Content

Mark Zavadskiy
Riki Group

Anyone in the industry would be familiar with the company Riki Group, with its brands well-represented in Asia and broadcasted on 30 channels, including CCTV Kids and Kaku, and main digital platforms such as Tencent, iQiyi, Youku and Beya. In fact, the company recently teamed up with Youku Kids, to jointly produce the second season of “Tina & Tony”, with new episodes released in China in August 2020.

“Competition has noticeably increased among the animated content that is offered on the market. We view this as a challenge. If we get feedback that a partner's portfolio of pre-school animation is full, we must be ready to offer them something else,” said Mark Zavadskiy, CEO, Riki Group.

In October, the company went beyond the boundaries of kids’ content and launched the Riki.Lab competition to find the best animation project for adults.  

“We will continue to diversify our content. Our line-up covers all ages from early pre-school through to school-aged children and tweens.

“We are confident about our content as buyers always need kid-related shows. We take into consideration the comments and feedback from our partners, for example, if they need supplementary materials or face difficulties in localisation. We develop our projects from season to season, so they are able to change or expand their core age audience, grow and change with the viewers.”

Mark also shared that it was essential to rethink content positioning. “Noticeable strengthening of VOD positions, their coverage and availability gives us new possibilities. As distribution methods widen, we can propose various projects and formats.”

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