Refreshed Realignments Amidst Changing Industry Demands

The landscape as we know it has witnessed the marriage between the Media and Telco industries for over a decade, which has resulted in OTT’s dominance today.

Now that the M&E topography is in the midst of a dynamic time, where Media and Technology are creating tremendous opportunities for a new tomorrow, the time to set the course of a fresh direction to cater to the demands of the ecosystem in this new digital age has become vital.

It is no wonder, Omens Studios, an award-winning animation and interactive studio built for the digital age, with offices in the UK, Singapore, and Malaysia, has appointed industry heavyweight Jimmy Kim as Executive Chairman from March 1st.

With unparalleled experience transforming start-up ventures into leaders in their field, Jimmy will implement an ambitious strategy for scaling the company and maximising the full potential of its current business models and pipelines.


Jimmy Kim
Executive Chairman
Omens Studios

“Our inhouse titles are still central to our identity,” Jimmy elaborated, “although we will also open up for more IPs from outside parties, as well as explore suitable co-development opportunities. The goal has always been to own IPs and be able to scale them profitably.”

With over 20 years of experience across leading media companies in Asia, including holding the MD role at Indonesia’s Genflix, Jimmy’s impressive track record has seen him pioneering new business models and embracing new technologies and trends to successfully drive companies to future proof and significantly expand and grow revenue.

Jimmy noted that no doubt, change is a constant in our industry. “We observe where the world is going, identify upcoming trends and decide how we should ride its early stages, and adjust accordingly, as we execute.

“So, conceptualizing the future and implementing our plans is not challenging so long as we maintain a flexible mindset. The biggest barrier will be rejection to change, but I believe all players in our industry can see similar trends and pivot in good time.

“If companies maintain a fixed mindset with outdated business models, they may face huge issues as the industry adapts and drives forward without them,” Jimmy noted, surely drawing from firsthand knowledge, having held senior positions at Globecast Singapore; MNC Media; Ustream Korea; Viacom International Media Networks; Technicolor, and Bloomberg TV Asia Pacific.

Working with CEO Chi Sim Tang, Jimmy plans to achieve similar growth for Omens Studios through both regional and global partnerships for its current offerings, as well as through the development of new strategic businesses.

“Jimmy’s proven track record and wealth of invaluable industry expertise speaks for itself. Jimmy shares our company’s values and vision, and we are delighted that he is coming onboard as our chairman, bringing his much sought-after corporate experience to accelerate our growth plans,” concluded Chi Sim Tang, CEO of Omens Studios.

Chi Sim Tang
Omens Studios


The company is a creator, producer, IP owner and distributor of animated TV series, short films, and interactive media.