Quarantine TV Report

Looking at how broadcasters and producers around the globe are reacting in the face of the current coronavirus crisis

For many, if not for most, this year is different.

There are countries like Denmark, with production back on track, reporting a very high number of titles currently being produced. There are markets making their first steps back, with a great deal of caution and uncertainty, and what another wave of the pandemic might bring.

And then there are those, still severely affected. With many of us discovering the effectiveness of digital communication, along with a human survival instinct while no effective cure is found for C-19, uncertainty also surrounds the future of the media industry’s trade shows, markets and festivals.



• Asia TV Forum and Market (ATF) (1- 4 December 2020) - interview with Yeow Hui Leng, Group Project, Director of Reed Exhibitions.

Could you outline the current plans for ATF 2020? Will you be preparing a digital event in addition to the in person event?
ATF at the moment will continue as planned with a live event. We are also planning for a series of digital initiatives that will run concurrently with the live event. At present, ATF is running the Plugged-In online panels featuring buyers from various Asian markets as a run-up to the live event.

Watch here.

Could you tell us a little more about your initiatives to engage with the industry in the run up to the market? For example, we enjoyed the Plugged-In sessions - will there be more and could you share the feedback?
The industry has been highly engaged in the ATF Plugged-In Series 2020 so far, after ATF did a buyers’ survey to check the pulse of the region during the pandemic. Our clients have thus far appreciated the opportunities to hear and interact directly with the buyers during the sessions, in the temporary absence of face-to-face engagements.

The need to remain connected remains a priority for industry professionals; it is a relationship business after all. Moving forward, ATF is committed to continue to value-add through digital initiatives such as online matchmaking and editorials across 2020.

Could you share your plans from an editorial standpoint? Do you foresee any major changes to the schedule and programme?
As ATF happens in December, the industry remains hopeful that the live event will be able to take place with the progressive relaxation of restrictions.

After all, face-to-face connections remain irreplaceable, and everyone is looking forward to meet after almost a year of hiatus.

In line with the new norm due to COVID-19, we will be making adjustments to the live event to ensure the safety of our attendees, while delivering meaningful ROI. This includes tweaking the way meetings are organised at the market and the format of the conferences to ensure we adhere to safety guidelines. And of course, as mentioned earlier, we will be harnessing digital as a platform to supplement the live event in December.

What are the greatest difficulties and opportunities at this stage?
The COVID-19 situation has made it currently challenging to facilitate face-to-face connections, which is critical for any business, not just for events, though this will eventually pass, as with all past pandemics. But it has also expedited the adoption of digital, and impacted the way content is being distributed and consumed.

Content remains king, and more so now, which we think is a good thing, as this is what ATF is all about. The rise of the Asian region for content also presents opportunities for the ecosystem, and we are glad to play an active role in this.