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Asian buyers look at new strategies to tide over Covid-19
Part III

Pandemic or not, the genres trending across Asia today has been a comforting constant, with Dramas, Kids’ Animation / Program and Formats leading the top 3 spots, while Documentary / Factual is ranked at a very close fourth position, according to ATF’s recently concluded survey targeted at top decision makers in content acquisition.

With staple live programs in familiar slots going through a dearth, as social distancing maintains validity, Asian buyers have scrambled to replace the vacuum with content already in their libraries or have reached out to existing partners in attempts to fill the gaps, among other tactics in their line of attack against the ravages of COVID-19.

Buyers surveyed indicated Price as the number 1 criteria when hunting for urgent content, reflecting the need to balance the current economic realities with meeting the surge in viewer demand. Genres in languages appropriate for individual markets also weigh in at 20%, with concerns of dubbing studios being shut giving cause for apprehension.

In light of increased demand of content, coupled with slots left vacant by cancelled live shows, buyers across Asia have had to widen their scope of acquisitions as well. The top genre that makes up the additional search for content sees Dramas dominate, albeit with added traits like “lesser episodes”. Animation holds solidly at number 2, while Documentaries and Formats represent the remaining heavyweights in the ranking.

Others that also garnered interest include Comedy, Diverse Stories, Education, Films/Movies, Kids’ Content, Short Form and Sports.