Key Strategic Opportunities In A Post-Covid-19 World

The notion that consumers and enterprises will conduct a growing amount of their lives and businesses online is nothing new. At a macro level, it’s a change that’s been happening gradually over nearly 40 years, however rapid the pace of change has felt on a personal or professional level.

The scale and scope of COVID-19 is changing that pace. With more people necessarily relying on technology to work, shop, and socialize than ever before, the move to next-generation technologies, services, and strategies is accelerating at an unprecedented rate.

Figure 1: COVID-19’s greatest impact on tech will be a more comprehensive shift to digital technologies and services

Five key trends will cut across technology sectors during and after the pandemic
Omdia has identified five interlinked areas where change will cut most deeply across consumer, enterprise, industrial, device, component, and service provider markets:

1.     COVID-19 has weakened several key links in the supply chain but will strengthen others

2.     Ascapexpatterns change, knowing where new market opportunities are arising will be critical.

3.     The pandemic will trigger a rethink of technology as critical infrastructure.

4.     Video will be everywhere and for everyone.

5.     Harnessing tech to secure both physical and digital worlds will be more important than ever.

Video will be key for entertainment, communication, automation, and security
Omdia forecasts that video will account for up to 1.9 zettabytes (ZB) of internet traffic this year, up 0.2ZB, or 12% on our pre-COVID-19 forecast. That’s equal to an extra 200 billion hours of Netflix viewing or Zoom video calls. Even in 2021, when Omdia expects restrictions to ease, traffic will to be up to 9% higher than previously forecast, as video remains part of the “new normal.”

Entertainment and communications apps will drive and capture the majority of increased usage and revenue due to their simple appeal to consumers and employees in lockdown worldwide.

Global, video-based internet traffic by type and lockdown scenario, 2020 & 2021

Figure 2: Figure 9: Video traffic on the internet could increase by up to 12% under extended lockdown conditions


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