In For The Q!

(L—R) Curt Marvis, CEO, QYOU Media; Sunder Aaron, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Q India; Andy Kaplan, Media Industry Advisor and Non-Executive Chairman, QYOU India


If you didn’t already know, a slew of second wave digital natives will be descending on ATF this year with their own visions of where the industry will go, if they are not already changing the course themselves.

Mostly led by veterans or visionaries, those who front the “Next New” are sprouting like mushrooms during spring, either from new found opportunities outside of conventional conglomerates or believes that a more nimble, swifter setup will be the name of the new game.

One such digital native will be at ATF in full force.

Along with the QYOU Media CEO and Media Industry Advisor & Non-Executive Chairman, Sunder Aaron, co-owner of Q India (and Partner of Locomotive Films India) speaks with iNSiGHTS and gives fascinating new interpretations of one of the world’s most popular markets today, based on why he’s doing what he’s doing.

Q India in a Nutshell
“Q India is a general entertainment content brand and channel service that is dedicated to Young Indians, 20—30 years old. We program Q India’s linear channel and VOD offerings with premium content from leading digital creators who are streaming their content across platforms,” explained Sunder.

Q India was launched in late November 2017, and since then, the company has steadily expanded the amount of local content on the channel. Currently, they are distributed on Tata Sky, and are in the midst of adding a couple of new platform partners.

To date, the company’s intent is to work with DTH platform partners first, and then drive their distribution into Multiple System Operators (MSOs) to expand reach for linear service, while also working with telco partners to join their mobile platforms.

Sounds like a tall order in a short time, but for Sunder, the push is worth its weight in the scale it can potentially offer.

“There are more than 800 million mobile phone users, and 200 million Pay TV HH in India, and we aim to be on all of them,” Sunder elaborated. “Another equally important component of growth is to develop and continue to add leading digital content creators as our partners.

“The content from India is voluminous and so much of it is really very good. Unfortunately, not enough people are getting exposure to much of it, and that’s where Q India steps up.”

Looking at the market with an eye of experience, having been Executive Vice President for Sony Pictures Television Networks India and Country Manager for both AXN and Animax in the past, Sunder observes that there are not many brands or services for the 20—30-year-old Indian audience.

“We are also exceptionally good at curating premium digital content. There is simply so much out there that viewers and consumers of entertainment need some help. We are great at finding what’s best, and packaging it in a way that works especially well in a television environment. Our ability to maximize and magnify the reach and brand of our content partners also sets us apart,” Sunder offered.

Q India has been able to build a lot of momentum in India recently. While numbers put India second only to PRC, Sunder believes that India is a more welcoming market for their business.

“Also, India has great allure for our model because it’s a market with a large number of digital content creators and influencers, many operating at a very high level when it comes to production values, among other things.

“Tapping into these wonderful producers and story tellers is what makes Q India’s heart beat! Of course, we have a Pay TV market that continues to grow and expand (200 million HH), and a burgeoning market for consumers who are watching entertainment content delivered via digital platforms such as mobile and broadband.

“Finally, and most importantly, Q India is a general entertainment brand for YOUNG INDIANS, 20 to 30 years old. While this audience is fragmented, watching all sorts of things on a variety of services and channels, there’s not a single entertainment brand in India that is dedicated to this demo alone; a very important and potent group in India right now,” Sunder explained.

But the buck for Q India does not stop there. Sunder expounded that the company is a free channel service that aims to achieve the widest possible distribution, and is therefore an ad-supported business.

“Our regional language services, which we will begin to roll out in 2019, may be subscription driven. We will have to work with our platform and distribution partners to get a better idea of what they think will work in the market.

This also includes Q India offering their service for Young Indians around the world; first stop outside India being the US and UK markets, where the South Asian Diaspora are significant size-wise and are engaged with Indian origin content.

“We will also eventually distribute the service wherever there is an affinity for Indian original content, including in Southeast Asian countries, as well as South Africa and the Middle East,” Sunder concluded.

Top 3 Tactics
Sunder Aaron, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Q India

Fave originals?

Cobra Kai
Game of Thrones
Better Call Saul

Faves on QYOU?

What the Folks
Being Indian
Power Drift

QYOU’s top 3 regions in APAC?


QYOU’s top 3 profiles to meet at ATF?

Content platforms (Pay TV, Mobile and OTT Operators)
Channel distributors/aggregators
Content creators

QYOU’s top 3 significant moves in 2019?

Building the Q India brand & rapid expansion in India, including launching regional language channels

New Q Channel launches in Indonesia, Philippines & select Western markets (e.g. Q UK, Q Germany)

Capital raise to further expand the reach and brand


Catch Sunder Aaron on Dec 5, 2018, at the Keynote Session @ 1.20pm!