Europe’s Industry Sentiments: Digital TV & Advanced Advertising

Digital TV Europe’s fifth annual survey that ended in January 2020, gives a great snapshot of industry sentiments in Europe. Several hundred industry executives from 67 countries responded. In brief, we take a look at Part I: the overall digital TV landscape; and Part II: advanced advertising – a key way to make streaming work.

The digital TV landscape: Streaming continues to dominate discussions of the evolving digital TV landscape. Respondents believe that streaming services will enjoy strong growth, against a slow pay TV setting. The success of streaming providers in capturing a growing share of the market goes hand-in-hand with an ongoing shift away from linear viewing and towards viewing on multiple devices, all of which is viewed as a positive development.

Technology trends that help fuel the streaming boom include the accelerating availability of bandwidth.

Advanced advertising & streaming: There is considerable and growing interest in advertising-based streaming as a business model, as rights owners look to optimise the exploitation of often-underused assets globally.

Will AI and machine learning change the nature of the game?

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