Admirable Moxie For Indonesia Mox

iNSiGHTS magazine published in March this year that smartphone usage in Indonesia is predicted to skyrocket from 55 million in 2015 to 92 million in 2019 and multi-screen users in the country are registering over 23% more media time than their counterparts in APAC.

In Jakarta, stiff competition is populating the landscape with numerous OTT video services, such as iFlix, Netflix, Viu, Orange TV and Tribe. Staying ahead of the game and keeping in step with “local players taking first dips” – where the likes of China Radio & TV or China Telecom or BesTV in China, and Hotstar or Star TV or Zee in India have taken what’s theirs – MOX has joined the big boys of Indonesia. 

Quick to spot current trends, understand and analyse consumers’ viewing habits and device preferences, MOX is bringing a whole new ballgame to the world’s fourth largest country. 

What to Expect
MOX, an Indonesian SVOD App, touts itself as having the biggest and most updated (30–60 days fresh from cinema) Indonesian Box Office Movie collection, where users can stream in HD.

New developments will see MOX take a new direction of producing MOX original movies and web series, since, according to Didi Mukti, President Director/CEO of MOX Digital Indonesia, there are limited sources of Indonesian movies against a high demand, and originals is the answer to fulfilling Indonesian customer needs.

Didi Mukti
President Director/CEO
MOX Digital Indonesia

“MOX’s intention to buy and produce web series is to stimulate customers to come back more often and with larger frequency,” said Pak Didi. 

“MOX wants to reach Indonesians because until now, most Indonesians have limited access to cinemas, and the number one source of entertainment for Indonesians is only TV series. Therefore, we want to drive these people that love to watch TV series to watch them on the MOX App.”

In addition, Pak Didi also told iNSiGHTS how MOX will take it a step further by building a community of sorts with the MOX Loyalty Program, called MOX$. Here, users will gain MOX$ from watching full movies, subscribing to MOX BASIC & PREMIUM, and referring a friend among many other pull factors to allow its customers to attain access to exclusive events, such as Gala Premieres, Meet & Greet sessions, Special Screenings, Date with The Artist, and so on and so forth. 

“They can even trade the MOX Points they have with Gadgets, Vouchers and many other desirables,” Pak Didi added.

The two new strategies hold the hope of taking MOX to markets not reached before, as well as users who previously may not have considered MOX.


Just Indonesia?
MOX is keeping its focus clear, and to date, will continue to concentrate solely on Indonesian content. However, this doesn’t spell one-dimensional existence.

“MOX is open to new opportunities, and will focus on countries where there are a lot of Indonesians, as well as similar markets to Indonesia from a language and beliefs point of view,” Pak Didi explained. “This includes Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.”

What’s in it for Sellers? 
From pure selling of finished products, sellers are now offered the opportunity to collaborate with MOX to produce original movies with exclusive rights, especially ones that fit into Indonesia’s taste.

Looking Forward
For Pak Didi, MOX’s unexpected growth beyond anyone’s anticipation is a reminder that anything can happen. For now, MOX’s biggest revenue comes from MOX subscribers. The future will see MOX’s business model evolve to fit the Indonesian market’s condition. 

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