The Search for Great Ideas Continues

Pondering on achieving success when it comes to dramas, Guo Jing Yu of G.H.Y Culture & Media noted that for television, as well as online dramas, which runs for a longer stretch, it is harder to decide on their success probability. This has been a continued motivation for Guo to keep looking for more potentially popular ideas to produce and make them icons.

According to Guo, online movies are 2C Models (To Customers) – they are directly impacted by the audience – their clickthrough rates and viewing duration determine the company’s earnings. “Currently, we do see numerous online dramas and movies which have attained good results, but with the inability to sustain popularity in the longer term,” Guo explained. “With the demographic changes, producers will have to evaluate more factors, such as creativity.”

Guo Jing Yu  |  郭靖宇
Award winning Creative Director  |  获奖创意总监
Chairman  |  主席
G.H.Y Culture & Media (Singapore) Pte Ltd  |  建信文化传媒

Case Studies and Lessons Learnt

The Ferryman: A 2C Model on iQIYI – it was a huge success. The capital of producing the film was a few million dollars, which was then sold at over $40 million. The clickthrough rate hit over a billion. What attracted the audience was the well written script. As well, the female audience was able to relate emotionally to the storyline, which contributed to its success. However, no other films have managed to surpass it as yet.

The Thousand Faces of Dunjia
: Receiving recognition, this was another good production, but because it was screened on 2 platforms, its total earnings on iQIYI did not do as well. The movie was screened on both iQIYI and TENCENT at the same period.

“The production team behind The Thousand Faces of Dunjia are a talented bunch of people – they have produced numerous successful films. We also had Director Lin Zhenzhao’s movie, The Enchanting Phantom. Unfortunately, these two movies weren’t original screenplays, as they are both adaptions.

“Hence, there’s a huge opportunity for improvement for all upcoming online movies. There is no limit to the themes, and this allows you to unleash your creativity,” Guo encouraged, further noting that there are plenty of avenues and opportunities for Singapore and Malaysia’s aspiring and current scriptwriters.

“I’m hoping to uncover more good movie ideas and storylines,” Guo concluded.


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