Tenten Wei

Head of Studios
EST Media Holdings, Inc.

Tenten Wei has been in the industry for over a decade working as a producer and an international sales agent. Her knowledge in global markets is unmatched having partnered with a wide range of international distributors as well as working on many Asia-Hollywood co-productions. She has worked in 4 different sales agencies and represented over 300 film titles worldwide. She has worked in Asian titles including, “Hi Mom” $800M Box office in China, “I am what I am” Animation film. 

On top of distribution, she also has worked on the production side for many Hollywood blockbuster films including, "Malignant" by James Wan, “Umma” by Sam Raimi, "Midway" by Roland Emmerich; She also has a deep understanding for the television space, as she began her career in China’s Jilin Television in 2012.