Takafumi Yuki

Throne Inc.

Takafumi Yuki is a 30-year industry veteran in film and TV. Starting his career as a A&R Music Director, he later studied computer graphics in the US which led him to become a VFX producer and eventually a producer in the broader film and TV industry in Japan. As a producer/VFX producer, Yuki has overseen some of the biggest Japanese titles from TV stations and film studios, such as NHK, Toei, TBS, Shouchiku, to just to name a few. Yuki was the VFX producer for Toei's “Shikakenin Fujieda Baian” ("Baian the Assassin, M.D.") and “Revolver Lily”, both released in Japan this year. 

Most recently, his produced feature film “A Mother’s Touch” won the Audience Choice Award in the Camera Japan Festival in the Netherlands and is scheduled to be in European and Asian theatres early next year.