Coco Yang (杨乐)

Co-Founder & CEO (联合创始人 & CEO)
Huanyu Entertainment (欢娱影视)

Coco Yang is the Co-founder and CEO of Huanyu Entertainment. She is a well-known producer of films and TV series, she entered the industry in 2005 and very professional in film and TV series investment, production, promotion, international promotion, business development and other aspects. distributed and produced including "Palace", "Beauty's Rival In Palace", "Swordsman", "The Condor Heroes", "Untouchable Lovers", "Story of Yanxi Palace", "The Legend Of Haolan", "Winter Begonia", " Court Lady", "Song of Youth", "Royal Feast", "Delicacies Destiny", "TBD", "Hi Producer", "Gone With The Rain", "Scent Of Time" and many other very popular TV series. Founded in 2012, Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a leading studio from China, integrating script writing, investment, production, and distribution at home and abroad of TV series as well as management and publicity of its artists. Huanyu Entertainment boasts a first-class team of screenwriters, directors, artists, and experienced producers. Up to now, nearly 60 TV series have been distributed and broadcast around the world.