Charlie Park

EVP & Head of Story Business Unit
Kakao Entertainment Corp /
Tapas Entertainment

Charlie currently oversees the company’s webtoon platform operations in Korea (Kakao Page, Kakao Webtoon) and in global markets including Tapas, Radish, and Wuxiaworld in the U.S. and Kakao Webtoon in key markets across Asia. Charlie co-founded Kakao Page Corp. (previously known as Podotree), one of Korea’s leading webtoon companies, which later merged with Kakao M in 2021 to create today’s Kakao Entertainment Corp. 

As a co-founder of the story business, Charlie’s experience, and knowledge of the webtoon industry date back to the earliest days of its existence. His insights and acumen were instrumental in transforming webtoons – previously free content online - into an entertainment category of its own. This is especially true regarding the invention of an innovative content monetization model called ‘Wait or Pay,’ which allows users to read recent episodes for a small fee or wait until it is free. In addition to leading the webtoon business in Korea, Charlie is spearheading the global expansion of Kakao Entertainment’s webtoons, focusing on delivering localized premium content to key markets worldwide.