Yuki Akehi

Director and Head of Marketing, International Business Development
Nippon TV

Yuki Akehi is responsible for strategic corporate communications and marketing for Nippon TV's international business. Nippon TV is ranked number one in ratings and going strong in the streaming sector with owning Hulu in Japan. Over 90% of its content IP is fully owned by Nippon TV and the company has been active in bringing its content to the international market in the form of anime, ready-made programs, formats, and through co-production partnerships. Yuki is steadily solidifying Nippon TV's presence and brand as a global media powerhouse through major titles such as “Dragons' Den / Shark Tank”, “Old Enough!”, “Mute it!” “Sokkuri Sweets/ Eye Candy” “BLOCK OUT” and scripted formats “Mother”, “Woman -My Life for My Children”, and “CONNECTED”.