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Netflix & Disney to bring back advertising to entertainment

Presented by Tony Gunnarsson, Principal Analyst, TV, Video & Advertising, Omdia

For over a decade, SVOD has truly dominated streaming and as a business model SVOD has forced changes for broadcaster and large TV and media companies. For customers, it has been a period when they have been taught that they don’t need to watch ads anymore. This will change in 2023, with the arrival of ad-tiers on some of the world’s largest streaming services: including Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and Discovery+.

AVOD is far from a new concept, but hybrid AVOD/SVOD services haven’t yet been tested at a mass-market scale (outside of India). According to Omdia preliminary analysis, the majority of users on Netflix & Disney+ will be on ad-tiers in 2027. While not yet truly tested, the expectation is already that advertising on SVOD will be hugely successful. There will be a general move towards advertising across the TV & video industry, as more streaming services adopt hybrid models. For customers, rising costs for ad-free streaming will ease hardened attitudes towards advertising. The implications will be far-reaching, not just for online but for the greater TV & video market: in other words, 2023 marks the start of the transformation of global TV & video market.

In this ATF keynote from Omdia, one of the world’s largest media & entertainment analyst firm, Tony will present the latest market analysis covering current market trends in TV & online video, covering not only trends in mature Western markets but also how such trends take shape in Asia. What does the latest analysis say about the decade-long transition from pay-TV to online video? What factor does operator bundling of SVOD play in the greater scheme of things? Two years on since Tony’s last visit to ATF, what has happened to the price differences between pay-TV and OTT video in Asia? How will we watch TV & video in 2027?