11:00am – 11:45am​


An important session that addresses current IP issues in a landscape that has evolved

The fundamental desire to own an intellectual property and exploit it is at the base of creation. Regardless of genre, the television/content world is faced with a transition that affects everyone: sell your concept and you IP, for a price, or be bold and keep the ownership, hoping to find ways to finance production in a mix of commissions, pre-sales and, hopefully, a long distribution shelf life for content that generates an interest for the entire planet.

But how can producers convince broadcasters — (both linear and digital) — to play? How can they finance future revenues, future value, and future interest? Which broadcasting partners and streamers are willing to let go of rights they will likely never use?

Is the management of the cohabitation of rights, around the globe and in all languages, the key that enables us as producers to put forward ideas that matter? To entertain the world and make a living? To hire the creators necessary to the delivery of unique and forward-thinking productions that speak to 8 billion humans?