2:00pm – 3:30pm​


2022. There are a bit more than 7100 known languages around the globe. And they are spoken by almost 8 billion people. So… Should we not find a way to cater to a few of them and make our content known and appreciated?

Factor in the very interesting reality that many of the world’s inhabitants have moved on, travelled, and joined others, but likely kept their roots and their language.

Isn’t it time to talk, us producers and them broadcasters, and help each other finance content that can be viewed around the globe by everyone? Could we even challenge things a bit and admit that rights can overlap, that target audiences in a given region often aren’t living the same reality and therefore not subscribing to the same streaming services and networks? Are our partners and buyers really using all the exclusive rights they tell us they want? Would they not profit from a co-branding approach with everyone else?

Because it really is the only way to move forward.

Let’s discuss.

Part I (2pm)

  • Licences, language, & diaspora realities
  • Mutual benefits between streamers & producers

Part II (2.45pm)

  • The Co-Habitation of Rights in Docs