Bringing projects to fruition

The ATF IP Accelerator (AIPA) will be an annual event that will bring together the best content concepts from Asia and Europe, to meet with international co-producing partners, distributors, commissioners, and financiers.

Up to 15 projects, across specific genres and formats, will be selected by a panel to be assessed for AIPA’s programme onsite.

Selected projects will get to meet with decision makers for the opportunity to bring their projects to fruition.


Call for project submission opens: 15 June 2022

Project submission closes: 15 September 2022     

Announcement of the shortlisted Projects:  01 November 2022     

Event / Meetings / Prizes: 7—9 December 2022


  • In development concepts and/or (partially) financed concepts (no completed projects) 
  • Feature Length (more than 65mins) / Serialised & Episodic / Short-form Projects for various platforms including and but limited to theatrical, digital xVOD platforms, traditional broadcast, social media, and VR/AR/Metaverse 
  • Genres to include all fiction and non-fiction (excluding serialized animation and serialised formatted reality shows)
  • Projects can be created for local, regional, and global audiences in any language, but the submission documents have to be in English
  • Applicant can be the project’s Creator, Writer, Director, Producer or Production Executive 
  • While this is open to international applicants, all projects submitted must contain an Asian element in one or more of the following significant creative roles: 
    • Participant Delegate from Asian nationality or residing in Asia 
    • Execution, Development and/or Financing of Project / IP situated in Asia
    • Overall thematic thrust of the Project involves Asia (involving Asian lead characters or involving uniquely Asian issues etc.


  • Full Screenplays / Teleplays / Concept Bible not required at point of submission, but will be beneficial if selected for the ATF IP Accelerator programme 
  • Concepts with a fuller base of creative materials (deck, visuals, treatments, character bios, storyboards, character designs etc) and attachments (directors, writers, co-producers, production companies, actors, financing partners etc.) will be assessed more favourably with the selection panel 
  • All concepts will be assessed under the strictest confidence between the selection panel 
  • By submitting their project and all relevant information (“Submitted Information”) to ATF IP Accelerator 2022, each applicant grants, and on behalf of all other individuals listed in the submission, grant ATF IP Accelerator 2022 and the organizers of ATF and ScreenSingapore (i) access to the Submitted Information for the purposes of evaluating and shortlisting the final projects; and (ii) the right to reproduce, publish and use the Submitted Information as it deems fit for marketing and publicity purposes.


  • Prepare your submission materials in ONE combined document or visual deck (with Cover Sheet attached as the 1st page) 
  • There is no fee to enter. Each producer may submit only up to 5 projects. 
  • Only completed applications will be assessed. 
  • Please ensure that the ATF IP Accelerator Cover Sheet is filled up and submitted to every project that is submitted. 
  • Each project has to be submitted separately. 
  • There is no limit to the number of pages to the submission.


Each project to be submitted in ONE combined document or visual deck with the Cover Sheet included as the first page of the document. Your submitted project has to address the following:

  • Logline (up to 3 sentences) 
  • Synopsis (200—400 words) of the Project’s Overview 
  • Treatment (2—3 pages) of the Feature Film or Pilot Episode / Concept 
  • Participant Delegate’s Profile 
  • Writer/Showrunner/Creator or Director or Producer’s Intention / Vision (max 200 words) 
  • Estimated Total Budget / Rough production timeline 
  • Writer, Producer’s and/or Director’s Profiles / Photos 
  • Production Company Profile (optional; max 400 words) 
  • Online samples of Writer, Director and/or Producer’s past works (optional but beneficial) 
  • Any artwork or concept drawings related to the Project (optional but beneficial) 
  • Any other information on the package (attached actors, production team etc.) 

There is no limit to the number of pages to the submission. Incomplete submissions will not be evaluated.


  • You will be contacted by the organizers to reaffirm and be guided in your business plan’s budget, financing structure, and creative articulation 
  • At least one representative of the project must be present for all meetings organized, online or otherwise 
  • A completed screenplay/teleplay or expanded overview of the project in English will be beneficial for the meetings with potential co-producers, financiers, commissioners, programmers, and distributors



Country / Region: New Zealand-Philippines
Formats: Series, 6 Episodes x Commercial hours
Genre: Thriller supernatural
 Hweiling Ow, Morgan Leigh Stewart
Director: Mia Maramara
Writer: Hweiling Ow, Mia Maramara, Peter Haynes
Language: English


Micah Tadena, Philippines Country Manager, 108 Media

Film  |  Part 1

  • What are the factors you evaluate when looking at which pitch to choose/eliminate?
  • What makes a film great for you?
  • Is it safer to write on a mainstream topic or find a niche/unique selling point?
  • What are the common mistakes made in a pitch?    

Micah Tadena, Philippines Country Manager, 108 Media

Film  |  Part 2

  • What is the SOP of a killer pitch (writing / production)?
  • What are the top 3 pointers to note in perfecting the art of pitching?
  • Are there certain qualities that make a film better?